Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Quickee, in a nutshell, is in the business of convenience. We have two basic verticals – first one being that we deliver items featured on our website, be it food or grocery items, to our customers. The second vertical is based on being an on demand logistics service provider for third parties who don’t have the time or resources to take on logistics themselves.

Please click on 'log in' or ‘create an account’ on the top corner of the home page and follow instructions thereon. Too lazy to register? No problem! Simply call our hotline on +94 117 324 325 and place your order over the phone.

No. Our registration process is 100% free!.

We charge a set fee as per the delivery location (peruse our delivery coverage info page for more info) whilst reserving the right to deny any orders out of our coverage range if we are absolutely jam packed.
Our team will only deliver to areas not featured on our site if we are receiving a sizable number of requests / orders to same location - as we try to stick to our delivery grid to maintain best possible timings.

Cash (LKR) or Card (Visa or Master) on Delivery! More payment options will be added soon :)

You may cancel any order within 5 minutes of order placement- no more no less!

We try to duly inform our customers if any problems or if the order will take longer that estimated due to unforeseen circumstances. We recommend you order in advance and be a tad bit patient as our riders sometimes have to brave crazy traffic, preparation delays, handle several orders at a time and make sure they get the correct items to you ASAP!

You’ll receive a call soon after by one of our agents on the number that you have provided us with for confirmation just before dispatch and you can keep in touch with them for status updates thereafter.

Mostly to inform you of promos / to contact and deliver orders to you. In case of any complaints or inquiries, we may pass on your contact info to our partners in order to ensure quality and customer feedback is taken seriously.