Quickee much like it’s name aims to conquer and redefine the current distribution network in Sri Lanka by delivering almost anything you need straight to your doorstep within approximately 30-60 minutes.

The service will be expanding soon to include more variety so stay tuned to our site and Facebook page for more details!

Feel free to create a commitment free account if you would like to browse/order online or simply call on our hotline; 0117-324-325 and we'll make sure that you have convenience-delivered!

We cover most of Colombo and its Suburbs whilst boasting express delivery, the cheapest rates, multiple pick-ups and facilitate cash VISA/MASTER payments on delivery.

Why Quickee?

  • Get multiple pickups / no need to call multiple services if you like variety or food from multiple restaurants!

  • No minimum order quantity / that's right - get even 1 pack of tic tac delivered to your doorstep!

  • You can get almost anything purchased and delivered to you instantly!

  • We aim to be the fastest courier service available!

  • We are not impersonal; you can order online or via our Call center and request for updates on your order!

Partnering with Quickee

How would you like to provide your customers with absolute convenience? By subcontracting the logistics to us Quickee allows our partners to concentrate on their core business.

Email us at support@quickee.lk with the details of your business and introduce a whole new avenue of sales to your business.

  • Delivery for your products from 9am to 3am

  • Feature your product on an Online platform

  • Constant social media/email and sms campaigns about you

Partner with us and enjoy